The Bio Craniopathic System

The Bio Craniopathic System (BCS) of therapeutics was discovered and developed in the 1970’s and 80’s by Robert Boyd, D.O., a U.K. Registered Osteopath. It was then referred to as Bio Cranial Therapy and subsequently The Bio Cranial System.

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A Message From Dr. Boyd

I’ve spent most of a lifetime looking for real answers to the enigma of what makes us tick? What is the core nature of our functionality? Where does it all stem from?

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The Bio Cranial Institute International

is proud to introduce its

New Fast Track

 Bio Craniopathic System Certification Program

The Original Bio Cranial Certification Program has been upgraded and entirely re-structured in 2013 by the Discoverer and Developer personally, Robert Boyd, DO (UK).

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Upon graduation of the BCII, Membership is inclusive for the remainder of that calendar year. Beyond that, continuing Membership will be invited, but is optional. Continuing Membership at $49.95 per month brings a number of benefits:

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