About Us

The Bio Cranial Institute International (BCII) is the official organization authorized and certified to teach the Art, Science and Practice of Bio Craniopathy, as developed by its Discoverer and Developer, Robert Boyd, DO. The Institute is independent of any regulatory authority and maintains a register of individual members, sets the professional educational standards and facilitates a training and accreditation system for BCII graduates.
The organization has an illustrious history. It was first established as the International Bio Cranial Academy (IBCA) in 1989, when the exciting new principles of Bio Cranial were first announced to the world in Dr. Boyd’s first book, “An Introduction to Bio Cranial Therapy”. Dr. Boyd was then President of the IBCA and subsequently of The Bio Cranial Institute. Since that time he has taught and lectured extensively in the USA, United Kingdom, Sweden and Ireland and contributed numerous articles in professional publications. Today The BCII sets as its target the enhanced training of health care professionals as Certified Bio Craniopaths (CBC). Please Contact Us for further information.