Meet Robert Boyd

As a 9 year old I threw away my new glasses after a couple of weeks, to the dismay of my parents who, in those days could ill afford the consultations and subsequent cost of them. They had been prescribed as the remedy for recurring headaches. In my simple way I just couldn’t see how glasses were going to cure my headaches and, indeed, were more likely to be a diversion from finding a real cure.

It proved to be the prelude for my life ahead which became a constant questioning of anything to do with health and illness. By the time I had reached my teens I had done some amateur researching and had come to the realization that, in the western world at least, health systems were pharmaceutically driven and controlled. It followed that there was never any likelihood of the answers I was looking for ever arriving from that source.

Billions, nay, trillions, continue to pour into the coffers of the researchers,with minimal results in spite of the well funded propaganda to the contrary. Many wonderful and dedicated physicians of the highest integrity have been sucked into this giant octopus whose tentacles extend into so many areas of our lives.

I don’t deny that emergency services are sometimes needed, such as surgery. However, this is not the case in many of these situations. So there had to be another way. I knew from even those early days deep down within my soul that, if there was an answer, it would lie elsewhere and I’ve spent half a lifetime looking for it. I’m proud to offer my contribution. It is called Bio Craniopathy.


  • Graduated School of Herbal Medicine, London, (MNIMH) 1969
  • Member Education Faculty, NIMH, 1971
  • DO (UK), 1974
  • DSc (HC), OIUCM, 1996 – Cranial Research

Professional Organisations and Affiliations, past and present

  • General Council and Register of Osteopaths (UK)
  • Cranial Osteopathic Association (UK)
  • Institute of Classical Osteopathy (UK)
  • Sacro Occipital Research Society International, USA
  • British Osteopathic Association
  • Irish Osteopathic Association
  • Enabling Group for Osteopathic Research, UK

Publications and Miscellaneous

  • Book 1: An Introduction to Bio Cranial Therapy, published 1988
  • Book 2: The HeadWay to Health, published 1992
  • Book 3: The Gateway to 10,000 Illnesses, published 2011
  • Bio Cranial Therapy, pub. The Osteopath, Vol 4, issue 4
  • Bio Cranial Therapy: An Introduction, pub. Digest of Chiropractic Economics, Vol 33, number 5
  • Bio Cranial Therapy: An Introduction, pub. The British Osteopathic Journal, Vol VI.1
  • The Laterality of Disease, pub. The British Osteopathic Journal, Vol VII
  • Tutorial Study Manual in The Bio Craniopathic System
  • Miscellaneous Articles, protocols and manuals

Clinical and Teaching

  • Principal, North Down Clinic, Northern Ireland
  • Principal, Shimna Valley Clinic, Northern Ireland
  • Principal, Horsham Natural Health Centre, England
  • Consultant, Hale Clinic, London, England
  • President, International Bio Cranial Academy
  • President, Bio Cranial Institute International
  • Faculty Member, New York Chiropractic College Center for Post Graduate and Continuing Education

Books By Dr. Robert Boyd