Become a Certified Professional

The Bio Cranial Institute International is proud to introduce its New Fast Track Training Program.
The Bio Craniopathic System Certification program is a postgraduate one.

It was upgraded and entirely re-structured in 2013 by the Discoverer and Developer, Robert Boyd, DO (UK), and is open only to health care practitioners who meet at least ONE of the following general criteria:

1. The practitioner is considered to be a primary care practitioner in his, or her, field – MD, DO, DC, OMD, ND, DDS etc., or the international equivalent. If in doubt, please contact the BCII.

2. For non primary care practitioners, we require evidence that the qualification held has included study in the basic sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pathology etc. For example this would include Physical Therapists, but possibly exclude Homeopaths. If in doubt, please contact the BCII.

3. For Licensed Massage Therapists, a certificate of completion from a state approved massage therapy school (or equivalent in other jurisdictions) and meeting the following criteria:

(i) A letter of recommendation from a licensed health care professional AND

(ii) Is 25 years or older AND have been in active practice for at least 3 years

In all cases the decision of the BCII Board will be final and no reason will be given.

Program Structure:

The training program is in Modular Form. There are 3 Modules. Modules 1 and 2 of the teaching material will be available online, thereby enhancing both the quality and quantity of the overall training program. Module 3 is an in-person, hands-on 3-day training, typically Friday-Sunday with Sunday as a half day for travel.

The material is both content rich and highly relevant to a new paradigm in healing.