Module 3

Module 3 is the hands-on, in-class component. It is held at selected locations, including the Bio Cranial Institute International School located in St Louis, Missouri. It extends over a four day period, usually Thursday through Sunday (mid day).
There is provision here for any questions arising from studies of Modules 1 and 2 which will be supplemented by important guideline notes from Instructors. Most of the time, however, will be devoted to practical table work.

Instruction includes a pediatric component.

Students wishing to qualify for admission to BCII Membership (see below) will take the written test at this Module on Bio Craniopathic understandings. This is in the form of providing answers from multiple choice questions, along with Instructors’ assessment of practical work. Successful students graduate as a Certified Bio Craniopath (CBC), which suffix may be added to a practitioner’s name.