Q. What exactly is Bio Craniopathy?
A. It is a system of healthcare, discovered and developed by UK Osteopath, Robert Boyd, DO. It is based on the essential part played by the little known, and even less understood, involuntary cranial mechanism.

Q. What’s the difference between Bio Craniopathy and other cranial based teachings?
A. A huge amount. For example, irrespective of the name or nature of the disorder, there is only one corrective procedure involved. This derives from the philosophical principles underpinning Bio Craniopathy.

Q. What kind of conditions does it deal with?
A. Bio Craniopathy aims to correct the mechanism that controls just about every function that’s taking place in your body. It’s why it doesn’t treat “conditions” or symptoms.

Q. Everyone else seems to?
A. Which is why we are unique. The Discoverer, Robert Boyd, DO, (UK), has found that there is a hitherto unknown System – he calls it the body’s Master System – which controls every other System and determines, from birth until death, the level at which ALL these other systems perform.

Q. Why, or how, is this Master System weakened?
A. It mostly goes back to birth when, for a variety of reasons, the bones of the head become misaligned and that in turn has a negative effect on their movement throughout life. The involuntary movement of these, and in a particular way, is a key component of how well you are functioning.

Q. Can you name some of the symptoms that are affected when you treat the total patient using BC?
A. BC addresses the total person in every sense. That person may be suffering from anything in any of the body’s systems such as cardiac, respiratory, musculo-skeletal, endocrine, neurological, gastro-intestinal, genitor-urinal and so on. The complaint or diagnosis might have been: psoriasis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, sciatica, rotator cuff, knee cartilage, colitis, hay fever, asthma, menopausal flashing, dysmennhorea, toothache, low back, vertigo, varicosity, a range of sports injuries. The list is virtually endless.

Q. Give me an example.
A. Let’s take the Hay Fever case. The general view is that the cause is the pollen in the air. And it’s partly true. But the main issue is the predisposing weakness that allowed the pollen irritant to trigger the symptoms. It is mainly cranially based. The same principle applies to a plethora of disorders. The need is to recognize the difference between predisposing causation (the Master System) and the trigger factors (the pollen). That distinction also applies to most injuries, including sports injuries.

Q. So you don’t work on the knee for a knee problem, or the shoulder for a shoulder problem, for example?
A. Why work on the knee or shoulder if they are primarily locked in from further back in the body? There is no objection to the use of other non-invasive adjuncts such as massage, nutrition, naturopathy and so on but it will be found that the cranial structures are almost always the primary cause.

Q. And all the other non musculo-skeletal disorders?
A. Same thing. Bio Craniopathy addresses the dysfunctioning, intrinsic co-ordinating source of every system and every activity. The Discoverer calls it the body’s Master System.

Q. But people are not sick or unwell permanently?
A. True, and this is what causes much confusion. The body is always striving to be normal – truly healthy. It has a huge capacity to deal with all manner of challenges and is not therefore always producing symptoms. However if the functionality of the Master System is compromised in some degree, minor or major, then the body is predisposed to breakdown because of the underlying weaknesses. Most times these are silently present just waiting for other trigger issues to set off “the problem”.