Module 1

Module 1 is the Tutorial Home Study component of the Bio Craniopathic System Certification program and will be accessible online immediately after acceptance to the training program and tuition has been received. The Tutorial, authored personally by Robert Boyd, DO, is a unique teaching guide which is highly instructional to the aspiring Bio Craniopathy student. It takes the reader (even those who have studied other cranial work) into a new world, is clear in its message and is based on sound principles of anatomy and physiology. It is often expressed in the homespun style of the author, combining a serious tone with undeniably humorous moments. The Tutorial spans 11 chapters, several of which are presented in two sections. Among the subject material covered is the historical developments of Bio Craniopathy, including its relevance to the schools of Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Cranial Osteopathy and Physio-Medicalism. The material covered also includes vitalism, diagnostics, involuntary movement, cranial movement, basic cranial anatomy, cranial physiology, the Reciprocal Tension Membrane system (the Dura), segmentalism, birthing, the laterality of disease and much more! The estimated study time for module one is 30 – 40 hours. Because of the groundbreaking material contained in this component, we recommend a minimum of at least one month be allowed for thorough study before undertaking Module 2.