The Bio Craniopathic System

Definition: Bio Craniopathy

Bio Craniopathy
is defined as a healthcare system, discovered and developed by Robert Boyd, DO, (UK). The Bio Craniopathic System embraces principles and related skills which, in total, are designed to enhance the body’s physiological processes. It should be noted that Bio Craniopathy does not treat diseases or disorders per se.

(System: an organized set of doctrines, ideas, or principles usually intended to explain the arrangement or working of a systematic whole <the Newtonian system of mechanics>) (Merriam

The Bio Craniopathic System (BCS) of therapeutics was discovered and developed in the 1970’s and 80’s by Robert Boyd, D.O., a U.K. Registered Osteopath. It was then referred to as Bio Cranial Therapy and subsequently The Bio Cranial System.

While based upon the discovery by Dr. William Garner Sutherland of the rhythmic Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM), the philosophical principles of Bio Craniopathy set this System apart from other cranial based disciplines.

These principles are now incorporated in a wide variety of books, manuals and articles published in professional journals. Overall, they relate to the discovery of a previously unknown level of weakness in the structure of practically everyone, going back to birth. The specific nature of this “weakness” provides the predisposition toward the development of a virtually unlimited range of disorders, dysfunctions, and illnesses. More importantly, the principle of Bio Craniopathy also incorporates the means of addressing these fundamental weaknesses.

Underlying Principles

The unique research underpinning Bio Craniopathy is truly groundbreaking:

  • It predicates the essential need for movement behind practically every function in the living processes.
  • It establishes the existence of a previously unrecognized System which is the body’s controlling mechanism. Dr. Boyd has termed it simply the Master System.
  • It shows that all of the other systems such as circulatory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, neurological and so on are dependent upon the integrity of the Master System.
  • It suggests that the goal of mediation in virtually ALL disorders, including those of the (voluntary) musculoskeletal system, must include correction of the Master System (the source of function).
  • The goal of all cranial work MUST include a change of status of the Master System from its lesioned status to that of anatomical flexion, a concept discovered by Dr. Boyd and unique to Bio Craniopathy.
  • There are essentially only two lesions within all of us, irrespective of symptoms (or the absence of them).
  • Cranial work does NOT require the so called “monitoring” and palpating of cranial rhythms. Although highly specific, the treatment of the Bio Craniopathic System can be accomplished in minutes.
    Treatment Applications

The range of disorders for which Bio Craniopathy has been found helpful include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Structural Disorders: Sciatica, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain/restrictions
  • Extremity Disorders: Knee, elbow and ankle injuries, female disorders, asthma, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, colitis, tinnitus, arthritis, sports injuries, prostate, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hay fever, varicosity, skin disorders, hiatus hernia, inguinal hernia and much more.
  • Children’s disorders: Cerebral palsy, hyperactivity and ADDH.

It must be emphasized, however, that the Bio Craniopathic System does not treat disorders or diseases by names or symptoms, but insists on treating the WHOLE person by addressing the underlying TOTAL disorder of the body’s Master System.

In Bio Craniopathic understandings, the perceived “trigger” factors, typically associated with the onset of symptoms are seldom the critical issue. Bio Craniopathy is focused on enhancing health and bodily function. Although it is frequently directed to addressing particular sets of symptoms, it is at all times directed to changing the basics of TOTAL function (physiology). Bio Craniopathy does NOT treat diseases, but addresses the TOTAL person.
Optimization of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism

Since Bio Craniopathy is predicated on the principle that the PRM is the core mechanism at all levels of function (physiology), the treatment protocol is directed to the correction only of this mechanism, irrespective of the presence or absence of symptoms. The procedure utilizes the existing pressure changes within the head (cranium) as part of the PRM, to bring about a very specific objective in the alignment of the cranial bones and status of the dural membrane. The procedure takes only a few minutes to accomplish.

This world class system is spearheading a new dimension in well-being and health care at all levels.