Genes and Breast Mutilation

Women are having breasts mutilated. By request! In the name of spoof science. Where are we going, and what input has Bio Craniopathy got to offer on this monstrous procedure being touted in the name of medicine?

Firstly, stand back for this revelation for which I make no claim to ownership of the intellectual property. Apparently unbeknownst to the advocates of the genome way ahead is that the body is fully equipped to heal itself and is always striving to do so, even in the presence of the most profound illness.

But maybe some of them do know?

So the question arises: why did the gene (or genes) mutate in the first place?

“The normal function of a gene is to encode a protein, not cause illness. Disease occurs when genes are unable to work properly” ( And, “It is important to note that genes themselves do not cause disease—genetic disorders are caused by mutations that make a gene function improperly.” (Genetics Home Reference, U.S. National Library of Medicine).

So you will note that it’s not being claimed that gene mutation is the cause, or a primary cause, of a wide range of disorders. Yet there is a perception that faulty genes are a major player behind disorders up to, and including, cancers. By implication it follows in this school of thinking that, if only these flawed genes could be repaired, replaced, manipulated in some way, there would flow answers for the treatment of some, perhaps many, of these disorders.

How dishonest this will prove to be. The question yet to be asked, and answered, is: how did the “mutations” develop in the first place? Answers like “heredity” abound. Which, in turn, raise the obvious question again: how did the hereditary encumbrance become flawed in the first place? Maybe a visitation on some family member in the past from outer space? Apologies for my sarcasm but much in this realm beggars belief.

And so it goes on. You will understand that I do not doubt that there are such things as flawed genes and that there is a connection between one or more of these in a range of disorders.

Cause and Effect

The question in my mind, however, is (and it’s the age old one): what is “cause” and what is “effect”? In the world of genomics it is clear that the current pursuit is to mediate in a variety of ways with an individual flawed gene, or genes. When one considers such an approach it is, in fact, nothing more than segmental – as distinct from total – mediation, albeit of a highly technical order, but nonetheless, nothing more than the segmental approach of medicine which has characterized its direction for centuries. It’s the bull in the china shop. This relatively new field of medical science will, I believe, to be as much of a false dawn as all of its predecessors.

For answers to the conundrum of mutated genes my gut feeling is that we must return to a global appreciation of function and, in particular, to the area of nutrition in its widest sense, both intrinsic and extrinsic. The former comes within the orbit of Bio Craniopathy which is probably unique in its recognition of the intrinsic factor. It is also without opinion as to how to address the issue.

Time to return to sanity and address the total person, not just locally where a hole in the wall of the dam has appeared. Let’s check the foundation of the dam.

Make no doubt, we have the finest medical/patent science system in the United State of America that human greed can fashion. — Hackus.

From the Desk of Robert Boyd, DO (UK)

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