Bio Craniopathy and Golf

With the advent of the PGA current I thought readers might enjoy some comments of professionals on the incredible benefits of the cranial approach as experienced by those in the golfing world.

Here are some extracts of comments and testimonials:

…Misalignment of these bones (cranial) can produce extreme balance disorders like vertigo, BPPV, and Menieres disease. The positioning of the temporal bones is the KEY to producing the perfect balance in your golf swing!
….. Even after the first procedure most golfers will see the immediate change to their swings. – John Lund, DC.

When I heard that Bio Cranial (now Bio Craniopathy) could help increase my clubhead speed in golf, I was very interested……. prior to my..treatment I checked my clubhead speed at 83 mph average. After the third treatment I then checked my clubhead speed and noticed an increase of 4-5 mph (88 mph average). …As a clubmaker and designer. I am very interested in the relationship of Bio Cranial and the golf swing. (Mario Cesario, Professional Clubmakers Hall of Fame Member)

My experience with the Bio Cranial System (now Bio Craniopathy) has been nothing short of spectacular! .... I had an extreme balance problem. …Within weeks of the final visit, my game improved, the balance was back, and once again enjoyed the game of golf. – Mark Bland, Dean of Admissions for Professional Golfers Career College, Marrieta, CA.

I started the Bio Cranial and after several procedures my lower back pain was gone…. I went from a 29 handicap to 19 in 3 months. (Doug Bader, owner of Crest Chevrolet, San Bernadino, CA).

This simple but eloquent concept is what can, and will, launch the bio Cranial System into the spotlight into the sports world. …A “platform of stability for every sport”; that could be our motto. (A Quote from “The Search for the Perfect Swing” by authors Alastair Cochrane and John Stobbs).

The world of sport is awash with catalogues of injuries, many recurring and, at best, often patched up. The real, and vital underlying, causative factors are often – indeed almost always – originated at the cranial level. They go unrecognised for the reason that this dimension is totally unknown to the medical establishment and much beyond.

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From the Desk of Robert Boyd, DO (UK)